Who am I anyway? And where did I park?

Hi. Well, I guess I could tell you a few things about me. I’m part mom, part wife, part office manager, part superstar, part cool friend. Mostly superstar…..mostly.  The name is Lisa.

Two kids. Love them. Ruby and River.  Hot hubby with a motorcycle. Love him, Mark. Three international kids from Serbia, Germany and China. Pieces of my heart in far off places thanks to them. I love VWs and music. But not so much country music. Because I can’t line dance…can’t follow directions. But I have rhythm anyway so I don’t need no stinkin’ directions. Freestyle!

Live in the Northwest. Always have. I love to boogie and fly fish, but not at the same time. That would scare the fish and I am a real serious fisher-woman-person. Oh… yeah…church goer here. Culturally Lutheran, and a little bit Buddhist. I realize that is weird, but it works for me and Jesus so you just don’t need to worry about us. We’re cool.

I have a great family.. Mom, Dad, Sis and Bro. They made me everything I am.. the good stuff stuck, and the bad stuff rears up at the appropriate times, so it’s all good.

I’ll mostly write about the little things that make me laugh… I’ll try not to be too sentimental. Might write about girly things.. I’ll give warning so that boys can skip that part.

Ok… that’s it.



6 thoughts on “Who am I anyway? And where did I park?

  1. Your “fridge” message made me get all teary-eyed…and laugh a little since your typing revealed what you might have been doing (drinking) last night. The dining room table’s always available for you and your crew! Miss you all…PS. Love the blog!

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