My Old Girl


I won’t complain about the hair that coats my black pants as I massage your aching back. I can really feel your bones now. You are getting so thin.

20131122-182017.jpgI won’t complain about your awful breath. I’m so grateful for your kisses. You know me by scent, you can barely see my face or hear my voice anymore.

20131122-180403.jpgI won’t complain as you trip me up or try to hide between my knees. You are my shadow and it is so endearing.

20131122-175604.jpgI won’t complain when you wake me up in the middle of the night because you are confused or lost your bladder again. I’m just so happy that you are still here.

20131122-182008.jpgYou greeted our first child with gentle curiosity and loved our second child just as much. You’ve been their book reading pillow, frisbee teammate, guardian, entertainer, and bedtime snuggle partner. You are crucial to my pack.

20131122-175522.jpgYou have been my friend most of my adult life, and while I am still young…people are astonished at how old you are. 17 and a few months. 119 in dog years. No wonder your body is giving in. But there is no aging the spirit of a lab. Love still pours from you.

20131122-175531.jpgOur days are numbered. A thought that consumes me with dread. I pray God takes you peacefully in your sleep. I don’t want to be the one to take your last breath from you. I can’t bear it. I love you too much Leica.20131122-175625.jpg