Once upon a time, in 1981….

I was not really a girlie girl when I was little.  Tom boy really. When princesses were all the rage with friends I was all about Peter Pan.  But then along came this ONE princess:

And I was 10 years old.

She was the real deal.. well, once she married that Prince Charles guy, whom I thought was kind of icky. I was 10 remember, and boys were still fairly gross.  But yeah.. Charles? Not so much.  I watched the whole wedding on TV with my sister and it just was amazing.  That dress…merciful 1980’s puffy sleeve lacey wonderment dress! She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. We fell in love, along with the rest of the world.

As I grew up I always kept her in my sights and continued to be amazed by her. She wore jeans. She held HIV babies.  She hung out with Mother Teresa AND Michael Jackson.  Bryan Adams wrote a song about her. She was without a doubt  the coolest woman on the planet.

Then we saw her vulnerable side with the eating disorder, young motherhood, and that bloke she was married to. My gosh I was so glad when she was free of him.  I still liked to keep up on stories of her banning land mines and having a boyfriend or two.  She was still such an amazing woman, with the royals behind her.  She seemed unstoppable!

But then, that damn car crash. Crap, I have a lump in my throat right now.  I remember hearing about it on the way to a party at a friend’s in Seattle and I prayed and prayed that she would be fine. I really thought she WOULD BE FINE. Totally.  So Mark and I carried on with the party and wound up staying the night.

The next morning we left and got in line for the ferry back home. I caught the headline on a newspaper in the car in front of us.  I can’t even write the words. Can’t.  I will tell you I completely lost my shit. I wanted to call my mom and my sister. I can’t write about this part very well. Stuck on this paragraph for 15 minutes now.  It hurt to lose her, I’d loved her since I was 10. There.

My sister and I watched the funeral together, just as the wedding, only via the phone and across the country from each other. We cried and cried. She was gone.

So it makes sense that this year’s Royal Wedding means so much to me.

My daughter Ruby is 10. How about that?  Not a girlie girl either.  I’m looking forward to watching Prince William and Kate’s wedding with her. I will probably cry, and probably have my sister on the phone for part of it.  There is so much of Diana in William, so I’m hoping Ruby and I and my sister can carry whatever this crazy Diana love thing is forward and celebrate William and Kate.


4 thoughts on “Once upon a time, in 1981….

  1. Hey Lisa! As an American in the UK, I somehow thought that I would be oblivious to the wave of Royal Wedding madness rolling across this island, but I have to admit that I am abuzz as can be. We are going to a street party, complete with tables in the street, and I can’t wait. Maybe the boys will always keep an eye on Prince William like we all did Diana and find a beacon for the good in the world. We can always hope. Love your blog!

    • So jealous Erin! Have a wonderful time celebrating, and think of me and my sis while you are there. I hope that everyone will protect their privacy. That was a hard lesson to learn.
      Glad you like my blog.. hope it brings you lots of laughs. I try to be mostly on the funny side. 😉

  2. Hello Lisa, Zara’s mom here. I came across your website while prowling through the Facebook connections. I came across your article on Princess Diana. Zara and I both adored her. I still have a plate up with her face on it and a video of the funeral. Zara called me the day Diana died and we both cried about it. Lovely, lovely woman.
    When the marriage broke up I threw away my Prince Charles’ doll. I had the Princess Diana doll on display until she died. Probably buried in a box in the garage now with all of Zara’s dolls that I was keeping for her daughters. As she said ‘It will be your luck if I only have boys.’
    You look as beautiful as ever.

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