4.28 minutes of musical bliss

Today was another one of those working at warp speed days.  No.. better than that, ludicrous speed.  You know, kind of like this:


Yep.  That fast.  I was a phone answerin, spreadsheet fixin, bee sting nursin, copy machine NINJA today.  No joke.  So when it got to the end of my work day, and when I say the end, I mean an hour later than I was supposed to leave, I was exhausted.

My drive home was the only wind down time I was going to get so I forced myself into a mental escape by listening to an incredible new song.  My friend Dave, made of better than sunshine, sent me an itunes gift, Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap.  It is so………..*searching for words*…………gasp, the perfect escape song for me.  So, me and Imogen are singing loud and proud.. sunroof open, speeding down my windy wooded road home.  I start to see the ominous orange ‘road construction ahead signs.’  And. I’m. Stopped.  By a dude, with a stop sign, and I even have to wait for a pilot car.  I’m the first car in the line-up, so I know I’m going to be a while.  I realize that Imogen and I have the Honda practically levitating so I turn her down just as the song restarts.  Yeah, had it on repeat, can’t get enough.  But then Construction dude looks at me…and gives me the international sign for “hey….turn that up!”

I smirk, at this dude’s ‘playing it cool’ move and crank it so loud my review mirror nearly launches itself off the windshield.  This guy was not playing it cool though.  He WAS cool.  He knew the song, loved the song, I could tell.  Watching him mouth the words, and anticipate the highs and lows of the song with his head moving just a touch, or shifting his feet.  Every now and then he would smile at me.. and I was equally enjoying the song.  4.28 minutes of shared muscial bliss with a stranger.  How cool is that?

But then our 4.28 minutes were over.  Song ended.  I panicked and stopped it from repeating so as not to look like a song obsessed dork.  But how do you follow THAT song?!  Impossible, so I decided to fake a phone call to kill a bit more time until the pilot car arrived.  Whew.. it was on it’s way.

I drove by Construction Dude, rolled down the window and yelled, “That was awesome!”  As soon as it left my lips I realized that I was embarrassed by my choice of words.  As though I were about to flop back on my pillow and have a cigarette, really.  He said, “I love that song!”  I wish I’d said something like that.

And now for you….the song that brought on a unique, blissful, musical moment in my day:


Hide and Seek, by Imogen Heap. You can’t get embed with this song, you have to go to her.  Just like a woman.

Thanks again Dave, for the song, and somehow not knowing just what I need.  Check out Dave’s Blog on Sustainable Seafood. He is funny AND smart.