A Superstitious Drinking Problem….

OK.. I love a good time, a little boogie, a little drink and what have you. But a lesson I have failed to learn in my almost 20 years of drinking alcohol, is to stay AWAAAAY from hard alcohol. Never. Learn.

This last weekend I went to fabulous dress up funk party. Great music. Coolest people. Sweet funkadelic outfits. Yes, Jennyonthespot was there.  What would a party be without her, right?   I had a couple glasses of wine over a 2+ hour period of party prepping. Once at the Funk Fest.. I had 1 & 1/2 wicked ass strong mojitos over the next couple of hours. Wine works nice and slow like in my blood. Beer too. But liquor.. he’s a different beast. Its like Chuck Norris in my veins. One moment I’m standing there.. the next an un-called for round house kick to the skull knocks me out.

No…”oh I feel a buzz.. tee hee.. I better slow down!” Nope. It’s now you see me, now I see the floor. The worst part of it all, and I still can not get over this, is that just as the shit hit, I hear… oh….. is that…”Superstition?” By Stevie Wonder of all Wonders? I. Have. To. Dance! My body was MADE for that song?!?! I listen to it every stinkin’ day. This was my moment. Because, you know…….


Apparently not. I tried. I failed. The moment was stolen from me by a mean mojito. As everyone else is feeling ‘very superstitious’ my hubs escorts me out, puts me in a van for a trip home (6 blocks) that has to stop at block 2 so I can hurl. I totally got sick at home too. I tried to crawl in bed.. you know where my husband found me? Face down on the floor, at the foot of my bed. Gosh, I was almost there……
I haven’t had a messed up night like this since, much younger days. I will try… really, really, try to not make this mistake again.  I could not bear to have my ‘Superstition’ stolen again.  

So, for all of you Stevie Wonder fans out there… here is THE MAN performing this awesome song on Sesame Street back in’73.  Yeah.. I was 2 years old, but as soon as I could walk I was dancing. Nuff said:



4 thoughts on “A Superstitious Drinking Problem….

  1. Whoa. Now why didn’t your husband take pictures of that? If nothing else the pics could be used as instructional tools for your children when they are older.
    “You see this? This is what will happen to you if you drink!”

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