Can’t Help With That!

You know how your kids expect you to be able to solve their unsolvable problems? Like….when their foot falls asleep? I mean really, what am I supposed to do with that?

We are in the van, Mark’s driving, I’m at the dance club in my brain getting down, breaking out AMAZING moves to the Bee Gees when I hear my son:
Mom! Mom! My foot is asleep!

The colorful lights of my in-brain disco fade to the dreary gray rainy day outside my passenger window. I pause the iPod. I turn around to see him rapidly bouncing his little legs in agony. I can’t help with this! But for his sake, I will try.

Wiping the ‘interupted my dance fantasy’ cranky look from my face, I smile at him and say, “Baby, which one hurts?” He points to the still bouncing left foot. I tell him, “Ok, raise that foot into the air, that’s it, just like that, ok?” Then, look at him, then his foot, and with tone and volume to wake a corpse I yell:

“WAKE UP!!!!!

Really, what else could I do?

Mark and Ruby errupt into laughter, and then I do, because the desperate action required of this situation was quite funny.

But my boy is crying and does not think it funny that his mother tried to wake his sleeping foot by yelling at it.

Darn it! I guess that didn’t work so well.


4 thoughts on “Can’t Help With That!

  1. lol Oh goodness, this totally sounds like something my mother would have done. She always act the best humor but I never thought she was that funny when I was a child. lol

  2. That was pretty hilarious. The one that drives me crazy? When the teenager gets in the car and announces she’s hungry. Because I have a concession stand in the back of my Odyssey.

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