Bliss Fail

It’s after 9:00 pm.  Kids are in bed.  I have just crawled into a piping hot bathtub with bubbles a foot and a half high.  Twilight book number 2, New Moon, is within reach to the right, and to my left, a bottle of talking rain, yes, even with a straw. Bliss, no?


Nature calls child #1 to take a #2 in the one bathroom in our house.  She is so apologetic as she turns on the fan.  I scowl, and sink below the bubble line. She’s sweet and while she is doing her business, she draws Mommy in the tub:

ruby-drawingIts cute huh?  Except for my HUGE knees, and cankles.  Yikes.  Look at all the bubbles in my hair!  She loves to draw, little sweetie.  And she was in there a long time.  Of course with it being a small house, when Nature calls, other folks are usually with in ear shot, so after she finished, child #2 came in to do, yes, #2.

Can you BELIEVE it?!  My gosh!  He was in there a while too.  He read the paper.  Just kidding.  I love my children, truly do.  But no luck on  catching a moment of bubbly bliss tonight. *Sigh*

My protective shield of bubbles......

My protective shield of bubbles......


9 thoughts on “Bliss Fail

  1. That is so funny!!! I guess the kids are on a regular cycle. I think you need to slip them some natural fiber to speed things up. then your evenings can be #2 free.

  2. Did you know I love your blog? And I subscribe to it on my Google Reader? So I can read your posts the second they pop up? Because I love them THAT MUCH?

    No? Are you sure? Because even though I never comment NOT EVEN ON FACEBOOK, I was expecting you to know how fantastic I think you are because my thoughts have the capability to osmose (that’s a word, right? the verb form of osmosis?) themselves through the air all the way from L.A. straight to your gorgeous curly head. Oh, you say they didn’t make it there? That if I just think nice thoughts about someone, they don’t automatically pick up on them? Dang, there goes that theory!

    So here it is: I love your blog. You are adorable. Your kids are adorable. (although not cuter than mine. we need to discuss that) And I spit on my computer laughing at your kids in Starbucks. (usually I just say in a real loud voice, “Wait until I tell your mother what you did!”) And I loved the picture of you at Thanksgiving outside the RV at your folks’ house – can’t remember what it said just now, but I really enjoyed their bumper sticker.

    I’ll try to comment more in the future. But if I don’t (because I”m notoriously unreliable) just know I”m thinking nice thoughts about you.

    Jennifer Chappell

  3. Also… very quickly and then I’m done: Are those smell lines wafting out of the toilet? Brilliant child you have!

  4. We have four bathrooms in our house and everyone uses the master bath. It stinks, literally. I’d love to teach them to replace the roll when it is empty, than I wouldn’t care where they do their business!

  5. I can’t remember the last time I went into the bathroom alone.
    We, as you know, also have only 1 bathroom.
    We’re like freakin’ pioneers (with indoor plumbing).
    Love that you are blogging again, sister!

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