Spending a lovely afternoon at Wit’s End.

You know that place called “Wit’s End?”  Ever been there?  Some priviledged folks have a fast track pass to “Wit’s End.”  Raise your hand if you do…wow…..that’s a lot of raised hands.  Well I have a fast track pass too.

People tell me all the time that I’m ‘great with kids, would be a great teacher, blah, blah’…you know.  Really?  No, really?  My own children make me want to ….force my head through drywall.  Sure they fight sometimes, and whine, and are messy.  The times I find myself checking into ‘Wit’s End’ are generally when they are deleriously amusing themselves. In. Public.  See below:


People had to step around them.  Some people laughed.  Some scanned the room for their parents.  Some hunkered down to play on her iphone and pretend that they were not actually her children at all.  Their father saw it as a photo op.  Plus, they look like him and not me anyway, so let people glare at him if they must, after all, he WAS taking pictures.

Gosh that was a delicious double tall hazelnut la-la-la-la-la-latte.  See you at ‘Wit’s End!’


6 thoughts on “Spending a lovely afternoon at Wit’s End.

  1. Oh my heck! While I was ignoring them, even taking a photos… I didn’t even consider that, to the public’s eye, they were my children, not the annoyed red headed lady sitting in the other cushy armchair. Hmmm, no wonder she let it go for so long! Oh well.

  2. I had a long day with my oldest when he was only 6yrs old. After a long day (T-ball 9:00am) my tired Kid most likely needed a nap. Being a single parent at the time I knew I had to get to the store for some important things(milk, eggs, waffles and cereal)before I was stuck at home. Of course my son wasn’t going to make it easy. after telling him why he didnt need any more candy he decided to roll on the floor and scream bloody murder. My son is about 4 shades lighter than me, which doesnt make the old lady’s comment any better, but she ask my son if everything was alright and did he need her to go get his parents or any type of help. After he said thats my daddy and hugged my leg,she left and I decided it wasnt worth the energy to educated her about LIFE. dont get me wrong I laugh about it now when i tell the story.

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