Space Age President….

Just a brief blog today.

I was having a super sucky day.  Got some info this morning that had me bumming big time, and praying hard.  But that is not the story for today, cuz I don’t want to “go there” again.

I’m at work, it’s around lunch time.  I head into the faculty lounge to throw the morning’s 6th grade sprained ankle ice-pack back into the freezer.  My peeps are all gathered around, eating their lunches and I overhear one of them say that Presidents age faster than the average American because of the stress.  Two years aging for each year.

I say, in my absolute brilliance, “They should govern from space.”

My peeps all laughed hard and my heart momentarily let go of the ache it had all morning.

Seriously.. what IF they governed from space?!?!

We wouldn’t have to worry about an assassination attempt, except from maybe aliens, and I would not put money on them.

They would have that “awe struck about the gorgeous Earth” thing and so would be dang inspired to keep our little globe happy and healthy.

They would not age so much faster. I personally don’t want to see Obama get all gray and wrinkly.  He’d prolly still be handsome, but for his girl’s sake, we could hold of the geeserness for a while.

He wouldn’t have to spend money flying everywhere because.. you know.. he’d be in space.

How about some help?  Any other reasons you think would be good to send our President into space?



3 thoughts on “Space Age President….

  1. Presidents in space!!!

    It’s freaky how fast a president ages. I’ve noticed that before and it always made me feel sad. So this is a great solution!

    Just think of all the money we will save on extraterrestial research. Earth will be safe from aliens who say “take me to your leader.”

    Space Camp will no longer be just for science nerds, but also aspiring politicians.

    And as a bonus, the White House will be open for visitors every day.

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