Husband Fail…..

So.. there we were, Jennyonthespot, myself, and my girl Wendy, sitting snug around a table with our husbands all sitting on the other side.  We were killing time, tossing back some beverages, waiting for the band to come on so we could boogie.  The place was getting packed.

My girls are on either side of me when the waitress says, “excuse me” trying to squeeze through the quickly decreasing space behind our table.  People were really filling the place up.  I lean forward to give her more room and bump into my beer which spills a bit on the table, my bosoms and in my lap.  The boys are all holding their iphones.. oblivious to what has just happened.

Ugh.  Cold.  Wet.  Waitress wipes the table, my girls get the napkins and start to pat the dampness on my shirt.  We got kind of silly.  You know, they were all, “ohhhhh… ” patting my breasts and giggling while I  enjoyed experienced the feel up.

Aren’t these the kind of moments husbands wish would happen right  in front of them?  Not one looked up from their phone.

However, two gentleman BEHIND our husbands took in the whole event with much pleasure, laughed at our clueless husbands and then fist bumped each other.

Technology wins again.. and this time the hubbies are the losers.


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