WHAT did he say?!

My son cracks me up.. oh my gosh the things that boy says, really. We had a long but fun day today. My hubby was pretty sick, so the rest of us were out of the house entertaining ourselves. The. Whole. Day. Lucky for me I was able to see an old college friend, meet his cool wife and their adorable neverstoppedmoving little girl. But this blog is about River, now nearly seven, and the things he comes up with.

By the time we dragged ourselves back home we were all in a tired, happy, delirium. We wrapped up the evening in our favorite way: PJ’s on and sandwiched in Mom and Dad’s bed to hear the next few chapters in Peter and the Shadow Thieves. Things were really starting to heat up…no really, my kids were getting too warm under the down comforter in fleecy jammies. So.. River.. who prefers no jammies, but undies and a T-shirt announces matter of factually:

“I’m going to sleep in JUST MY UNDERWEAR!” and he tears off his t-shirt.
“Thanks for the announcement Riv, can I continue reading?”
“What Mom?!?! I’m just hot! But not in the gross way.”
“Huh? What’s the gross way?”
“Well, YOU are hot in the gross way, you know mom… like FASHION?!?!?!?! (Says with the ‘duh’ tone)
He means HAWT. He thinks his mom is gross HAWT. That is funny, and kind of gross, but mostly cute.
And here’s a great one from the past, when he was only 3 or 4. My mom recalled it over Thanksgiving:
My beloved granparent’s home smells. Respectfully, I know that the homes of many elderly people smell, my grandparent’s home was that plus the smells of three large, hairy, lovable, however stinky, companions (labs). So I forewarned my children to NOT SAY ANYTHING about the smell. Cuz if I didn’t say something about IT, they were sure to say something about IT in front of my dear grandparents. With the kids prepped, we enter the house and hit a WALL of thick smell. Ruby, God bless her, did not say a word but just plugged each nostril with a finger. Awkward, but silent, none the less.
River.. he totally got, in his young age, that we were to stow our own comfort for the sake of good manners. After a while.. he sighs, and says,”I’m just going to head out side for some fresh air.” I’m not making this up people. He was at best 4 when he said this. He lingered outside for awhile and when he came back in, he said loud and proud,” You know mom, I’m kind of liking in the smell in here now.” He was trying to make my grandparents feel good. I was too overcome with love for my thoughtful and compassionate boy to care that the entire room was silently aware of the smell that surrounded us.


6 thoughts on “WHAT did he say?!

  1. hehehehe. My grandparents’ home also had very distinctive odors. My father’s parents…well, when my grandma was alive, the house smelled of cigarette smoke because the woman chained smoked unfiltered Pall Malls. She was like a chimney! Now that it’s just my grampa…it’s just a house, not an ashtray.
    My mom’s folks on the other hand…from the time I was a child until now, there is always the smell of home-cooking. Always.

  2. I have been here a few times as well, since you posted this. So you’d think I would have at least *commented,* would you? Yeesh. LOVE the story, and I can relate. I only had one grandma alive by the time I was born and her house smelled just fine, but good lord my husband’s grandparents’ house… his grandma STILL takes in every cat she can find, and for some reason they ALL seem to be incontinent. Or maybe she never cleans the litter boxes and that’s why they pee everywhere else. We actually bought their old house but when my husband brought up the idea my instant response was, “NO!” because of the godawful smell. Getting all new carpet (and tiling the worst assaulted floor), and the fact that we liked having the windows open most of the time, made it liveable.

    But what I really wanted to say was, I really love that picture of you and your little ones. It is completely gorgeous! I’m looking forward to more posts! :o)

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