Thanksgiving in my hometown

My family departed our home last night to spend Thanksgiving with my folks in my hometown of Sequim.  My brother and sister-in-law and their darling children will be joining us as well.  My sister lives in North Carolina and will unfortunately not be able to join us, but her family is touring Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown and we will miss them very much.

Upon our arrival, we stopped at the local market to pick up a couple bottles of wine for supper, I was looking for a Sangioviese, and maybe a nice Australian Syrah.  As I stood in line I could hear the whispering of the local commoners.

“Is that, you know…her? (points to the cover of Vogue magazine)”  No.. no… I don’t think so.  Who is it though…she looks like SOMEONE.  Definitely not from around here.”

“She looks foreign.. .maybe she’s from France.. I mean.. look at her clothes.. I’ve never seen shoes like that. Does she talk funny?”

“No.. she used some words I don’t know.. but it was English.. maybe she’s from New York.  That’s prolly it.  She’s a city girl.  Hhmmpf.  What is she doin here?”

I just blushed and pretended not to hear their comments, although.. commoners don’t generally have a sense of their volume.  I paid and thanked the clerk then made my way to our Jag.  I closed the car door the waft of the chilled air snapped me back to reality.  I was in a Volkswagen van..and I dreamed up the whole store episode.  Darnit… but look at me… wouldn’t you think I was an elegant out-of-towner?  Wouldn’t you?

glamor me

Right, back to reality though…and the reality of my Thanksgiving is this:


My parents have a small home and so our accommodations are my uncle’s motor home.  It is a 1978 American Clipper.  The bumper sticker on the back says,”I’m not losing hair, I’m getting head.”  That cracks me up.  My parents are actually very classy people, of course they are.. that is where I get it… class is inherited don’t you know! The reason I am in a pink robe is because I was just easing my back pain in their therapeutic hot tub.

Our accommodations are really quite clean and cozy, even though they sport the 78′ fake wood paneling and orange and brown interior.    Through the eyes of my children it is the coolest car EVER.  Here we are in the sleeping quarters:


So… I would really rather be in the cozy presence of my family than the elegant facade in my brain.  Hope you have a REAL wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!


8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in my hometown

  1. I thought you were a famous lady. I did.
    You ooze charm:)
    Maybe you can get me into one of them fancy shindigs, huh?

    Happy Turkey…Day.

  2. The camper wasn’t like, ewe, old camper, it was provided to her as her quarters for makeup and such while she was on the set for upcoming sequal to “twilight”… Which is set in Sequim this time. She really is a star, believe me, I’m married to her.

  3. Hello, Jenny on the Spot sent me, and I’d love to quote you on my blog. Would you email me about it?

    Also “I’m not losing hair, I’m getting head.” LOL

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