My FAVORITE Magazine is………..



Their tagline is “for intelligent optimists.”  Like.. duh!  That is so me, I think…….

Actually I do have a serious side.  This is the best magazine I’ve seen.  Sure.. I also get Cottage Living, and BHG,  Country Home, Family Fun…..oh and Newsweek (thanks Mom and Dad.)  But Ode is the one I READ.  Page after page after  ever-lovin page.  It is the one I buy for friends (Dave) and family ( Mom and Dad).  I even bought it for work to keep in our faculty lounge to inspire our fabulous teachers, not that they need it because the ooze intelligent optimism.

It is filled with hope. Chock full of it.  You don’t even know how addicting HOPE can be.  My December issue just came today…. and as I am thinking of what a bleak Christmas we will have.. with two mortgages on our backs and the fear of the recession on its way… is rejoicing in the recession.

What?  Why?!  Because they are HOPEFUL that it will reshape our priorities.  It will replace the greed driven capitalism of the US and UK with one that balances human needs with economics.  There are several articles that speak to the opportunity for the right kind of change.  Whew!

And there article about health, spirituality, books, news and just plain life.  It is so great!  Please check it out… Please!  It is so good for you!


4 thoughts on “My FAVORITE Magazine is………..

  1. hmmmm….I have never heard of it before.
    So if there is a magazine for intelligent optimists, is there one for stupid pessimists? Probably Star or National Enquirer…

  2. So you may ask, who has time to read a magazine?… Well, if you have time to read a blog, you have some time, and this mag is worth reading. It’s funny how many people I hear complain about all the negative and bad news they see, read, and hear from their news providers, well, here is one answer to that problem.

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