Guest Post!

So this is for all the muthas and some of yous othas.

My friend Michelle, she is sweet, pretty, true blue kind of friend that I totally do not get to spend enough time with.  But one day when my hubby makes it big, I’ll quit the rat race and hook up with my home girls again.

But… back to Michelle, talented, sassy, Italian Jersey girl that flails her arms in the air when she is talking about stuff that really irritates her. Gosh, I love that about her.  She is also a very tuned in mom that knows to treasure those precious moments when they happen.  Here’s one of those she shared with me tonight:

“Julia and I read one of my all time favorite books tonight “Zen Shorts”.
It makes a reference to Japan and she asked me to show her where it was on her map.
After we checked out the map, she continued with her bedtime routine.
I tucked her in, and said that I would come back to check on her when she was asleep.
I say this to her every night, and every night she says “Why do you check on me?”
To which the reply is “because I love you”.
Tonight this was not good enough. She then said “Why do you check on me because you love me?”
So I thought for a minute and then told her that I check to make sure she is tucked in and is having Happy Dreams.
So she said “Where is Happy on the map?”


May you all find Happy on your map.”

Her sweet girls walking down their street.


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