Going for cute….but nailed sexy….

Yep…that’s what he said.  The UPS man did.  There I was, mindin my biddness…signin for a package at work when he smiles at me in my cleverly thought out outfit and says, “I know you were going for cute, but you nailed sexy.”

Oh my.

I blush.. and can’t come up with anything witty to say back.  He’s flirty, and trouble harmless, and honestly it MADE MY DAY!  I was all strutting around after that.. “yeah… I nailed sexy.  That’s right.”  No one needs to know that I have granny panties on.  No one needs to know that the hair on my legs is 1/2 an inch long……cuz …. I…(skipping)….am…..(skipping)…sexy (still skipping)… today!

I told my husband, not to make him jealous, but because I thought it was such a great, you know, way to say it.  He didn’t appreciate it.  I was all about the how it was said.. and he lingered on the who that said it.


So… because I take my appearance so seriously, I thought I would indulge you all on the “look” that brought on the “comment.”

I know… HOT huh?

Ok.. so that is not what I looked like.  But isn’t this great?!?!?  Supa Star blogger Jennyonthespot turned me onto this site, yearbookyourself.com.  She is so funny I nearly fell out of my seat when I saw her pictures, and her husband’s.  Speaking of husbands…. check out this hottie.

Dang ladies, I know..but he is ALL MINE.  Bwow chicka bwow bwow!


5 thoughts on “Going for cute….but nailed sexy….

  1. So, Hannah just sat on my lap with morning eyes and commented on Mark’s puffy hair and asked if Lisa’s photo was from Halloween. I’m still laughing.

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