The other day at the mall…..

We saw Barack Obama.   He was kind enough to pose with us for a picture, to the delight of the children.  We took several pictures, his smile in this one was the best, even though it makes my arm look kinda chubby. I knew I would put this on my blog, so I wanted to be respectful and get his best smile:

We were still in our church clothes, conveniently. I must say he looks pretty thin.  I know I could make most people look thin, but his side profile…yeesh!  His campaign crew is apparently not feeding him well.   We heard Palin was in town too, and she was greating people in Walmart in the guns and ammo section.  We pretty much passed on that.  You know, Walmart and guns.. not our thing.

Bama Bama he’s our man, if he can’t do it…..I’ll move to Canada.


3 thoughts on “The other day at the mall…..

  1. Obama Rama!

    Sure was nice of him to smile long enough for you to get such a good photo of you and the kiddos. Was he shopping at Sears? Or, the Dead Sea Salts demo kiosk?

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