Worth the laugh….

So there I am, lying on a massage table getting a therapeutic massage at my Chiro’s office.  I’m in pain.  My siatic is spastic.  I. Hate. My. Back.  Scoliosis jacks me up all the time.  And this time… it hurts so bad I can’t even sleep at night.

And she tells me a joke that makes me laugh HARD.  I’m face/stomach down on a massage table laughing my head off through that little donut hole pillow.  With a completely screwed up back.

Does this seem like a good thing to do?  Can you imagine what my back must have been thinking during poking and kneeding, to have the stomach now go into spasm?  What was this massage therapist thinking?!

She was thinking.. this woman will love this joke.  True that.

Old lady has just lost her husband of many years, and the thought of living without him is unbearble.  So, she decides she is going to end it all.  She has a gun, and wants to shoot herself right in the heart, get it over with quickly.  But just to be sure, she calls her doc and says,” Doc, can you tell me precisely where my heart is located?”  Doc says, “it is just below your left breast.”

She was later taken to the emergency room for a gunshot wound to her……..left knee.


oh, my back!


5 thoughts on “Worth the laugh….

  1. I haven’t read your blog all summer…boy, was I missing out! Beautiful photos of y’all at Ryan Ranch. Sciatica. School. And that suture! Good Lord, lady. You’ve had quite a month. Can’t wait to see you this wknd. XO

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