So the other day my family went on an little afternoon excursion to the Ryan Ranch in Poulsbo.  We purchased at a school auction, a day on the ranch to be ended with a cowboy BBQ!  Who wouldn’t want to do that?!?!?

I loved horses as a kid.  Never did much riding, but loved horses.  Had a pony for a while named Nugget, but she had the “founder” and such was that I could not ride her.  But we had good times, and I brushed her a lot.

Ruby is now 8, and loves horses too.  I knew this would be a fun thing for her, and likely the whole family.  It really was!  And my kin have mad riding skilz!  Not so much me.. awkward and scared on a horse.  They smell fear I swear!  But Mark.. I hate how he is so good at stuff he has hardly ever done.  River and Ruby both were very brave and did so great for first time riders!  We are definately doing horse camp next year.

I’m tired. So not so much funny.  But I just wanted to write anyway.  Deal with it.

Here’s some photos of our day at the ranch:

Ruby is riding Miss Molly, and was trotting with no problem!  She was even thinking she was ready to take the pony over a jump!  Bold!

River rode Honey Buns.. a very sweet buckskin.  Brave little dude.

Yeah, whatever.. you can just hop on a horse and look like a pro Mark.

I was in the equestrian challenged category.

Aren’t we cute though?  But.. why does my horse have such a wide stance?  Could it be….

Um, does this horses butt make my butt look big?

Giddyup people!


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