Back to School…already!

Summer barely happened.  I’m still kind of ticked.  It was too short, and well, a little rough for me.  But here we are at the beginning of September and the kids are off to school, and I am back to work.  Thought I would share a few photos and comments about the eventful day:

Here were are on the front porch..just before I have to leave for work…sigh.

My kids are prepared to be on their best behavior at school and are so excited to learn….mostly.

No comment.  Ok…really…isn’t he just BEAUTIFUL?!!?!??!!

All the neighborhood children in line for the bus at the church across the street from my house.  Yeah.. I pretty much live in an American utopia.  We sweat charm, that’s right!

Kids had great first days.  Mine, well, it was sure nice to have the kids back at school.  The grown ups tend to get on my nerves and the kids make me feel like a rock star.   Hope you all had a good start to school, if that is your thing anyway.



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