I told myself I wouldn’t blog about work.  Wouldn’t.  Stuff could make me lose my job. So being cautious I will say this:

In life… we have the stuff we rotate around, our families, our friends, chores, and work (if you are into that kind of a gig).  I write about all the others, but know, you can’t really gripe about it cuz your boss my read it and you might get canned.

If you had a boss like that.  I don’t. Didn’t. I don’t have a boss now.  She is gone.  And our Business manager too.  Two women I loved working with.  They resigned, and I don’t blame them one bit.  Things, unfair things happened.  Everyone has their breaking point.  I’m clinging on, barely. Caught in the middle of leaving to take a stand for someone wronged, and staying to try to piece back together the beautiful place they created.

I’m just so sad and it is hard to be at work without them.


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