5 Things I Hate About Vegas

Here are the 5 big things I hate about Vegas and my solutions/adaptations to said hater things.

1. Cigarette smoke is everywhere!
2. People throw their money away when it could be used to save lives.
3. Every 5 feet is someone trying to give you a flier to go to their gross girlie show.
4. It was hotter than Hades.
5. Lines! Lines! Lines!

So here’s what I did:

#1– I wore a plastic shower cap over my freshly washed hair (sponge to cigarette smoke), topped it with an ugly black hat I bought out of desperation due to #4, and walked past all the smokers with a sneer on my face. I’m from Washington, you can’t smoke in public here.
#2– I prayed to Jesus that if I won big on the slots that I would only do good with my money.. like quit my job and adopt children from war torn countries, I’d fund our local pool, and then get a kitchen remodel so that people do not have to witness the ghastly conditions of my cabinets, oh and wood floors throughout, and oh… a new VW, a biodiesel, cuz that’s good for the viroment.
$30 later, I gave up…and sneered at the gamblers.
#3– I told all of the sorry souls that were trying to get me to go to their chi chi clubs, “No thank you, and Jesus loves you.” Yep.. I did for real. Embarrassed the stuff out of my bro-in laws that were walking with us. My husband was not surprised at my behavior.
#4– I coated my fair freckled skin with my 30 spf as we sat poolside. 30 spf… my skin was frying. I bought 50 spf and a black hat..quite ugly, but also the best available at the poolside get what you need/forgot booth. It was expensive too. And ugly. But it kept the heat off some. We weren’t out there long, Mark burned the bottom off his feet on the concrete. Made it up to our room and I was RED. Turns out it wasn’t burn.. just overheated. Love Washington weather.
#5– Lines… nothing I could do. Had to wait in them for everything everywhere. I bitched, and sneered.

But not to be such a sourpuss… there are some things about the trip to Vegas that I LOVED.
I got to see Coldplay in their Viva la Vida tour. OMG. And I got to climb around in Red Rock Canyon in my ugly hat. I might post pics later.


2 thoughts on “5 Things I Hate About Vegas

  1. I have been to Vegas and I feel your pain. The cigarette smoke is abysmal. This coming from a former smoker! I gave up on gambling after I lost $20…but my husband managed to win it all back and then some. jerk. The flier people…I should try what you did next time I go. And it is crazy hot even in the spring!
    But what in the world were you doing there in the summer? That is just way too intense. My folks are heading down there next month for my dad’s 50th birthday and I said hell no. Call me when you are out of the burn ward. freaks.
    I wonder what Vegas is like in the winter…

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