Roadie #42 says:

Here’s what Coldplay roadie #42 (I’m thinking Chris) had to say about the Vegas show… gosh I’m so proud. I sang my heart out!


Though everyone is happy to be in town, there is a slight concern pre-show. Vegas crowds can be pretty hard to impress. It’s not like they’re short of options for how to entertain themselves of an evening – and more than that, I think sometimes folks can be just plain over-stimulated. Lets face it, any town that can take in its stride hotels with their own roller coasters, next to pyramids, sphynxes and full-sized pirate ships is going to find a few flashing lights and a pop group pretty uninspiring.

Or are they?

It would appear not! The crowd are utterly bonkers from the off. So much so, that I spend the majority of the evening with one earplug out so I can take in the sound of the crowd. I’m wondering if it’s the loudest Viva La Vida singalong so far, or whether it’s just that I’ve never been listening for it before. My question is answered when the song finishes and the crowd simply carry on singing. They roar the chorus on alone and it’s utterly wonderful. It’s the kind of football chant-style crowd noise that I’ve only really ever heard before in South America or certain parts of Europe and here they are in a “hard to impress town” giving it loads! Inevitably, the enthusiasm of the crowd drives the band on to new heights. I don’t want to spend the whole tour writing “it was a great show” in this journal, but tonight was truly remarkable, it has to be said.

See you in a few days…




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