It happened again…

Ok, so it is summertime, fair enough, everyone else in my family gets wicked brown in the sun.  They all have the “asian” thing goin on with the lovely skin tone.  Without trying.  I’m trying…trying to at least get my freckles to touch so it looks like I might be tan….a little.

So…. my kids are darker than me, lots.  ‘Specially the girl.  And it happens.  I take them to VBS at a friends church, and another camp goer’s father stops me and asks, “Is your daughter from another country?”

Me…..blink, blink.  What is he talking about?  Is Ruby not speaking English today or something?  The context sounded so weird, like he could have been a ten year old boy, “Hey…like is your kid from another country or something…yeesh! Snicker snicker snort.”

It was an odd way to put it, I thought.  Then of course, I understand…right… me with the un-tan and red hair shows up with little brown beauty… is she from another country… it.

“Yes she is in fact.  My husband and I adopted her from a tiny slovic country called Hersisfromak-Myvaginia.  It borders Youranassistan and Whathafukistan.”

Of course I didn’t say that.  But it would have been brilliant. ‘sept for the fact I was in a church.  And, I’m not that rude in real life.  Only in my blog life.  I can be a real rude mutha here. Scared?

Ok… so I’m gonna go smear my whiteness with some Jergen’s fake tan.  And pinch my little brown children while they sleep. Peace.


4 thoughts on “It happened again…

  1. “Hersisfromak-Myvaginia. It borders Youranassistan and Whathafukistan.”

    Oh that is classic. You totally should have said it…and then acted all innocent when he got the look on his face like”….I think this lady just called me an ass”

    You are just too funny.

  2. See, I can’t even think of those things when confronted by that sort of ridiculousness.

    BTW, I keep hearing how completely awesome, funny, smart and cool you are from Jenny. I would have to say, she’s right.

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