When I just need a laugh…

Sometimes when I just need a laugh, I go to a favorite site here and click play.  Then… Chewy just makes me smile.  Take a moment… smile.

Tell me…..what’s up wit chew?



I told myself I wouldn’t blog about work.  Wouldn’t.  Stuff could make me lose my job. So being cautious I will say this:

In life… we have the stuff we rotate around, our families, our friends, chores, and work (if you are into that kind of a gig).  I write about all the others, but work..you know, you can’t really gripe about it cuz your boss my read it and you might get canned.

If you had a boss like that.  I don’t. Didn’t. I don’t have a boss now.  She is gone.  And our Business manager too.  Two women I loved working with.  They resigned, and I don’t blame them one bit.  Things, unfair things happened.  Everyone has their breaking point.  I’m clinging on, barely. Caught in the middle of leaving to take a stand for someone wronged, and staying to try to piece back together the beautiful place they created.

I’m just so sad and it is hard to be at work without them.

Roadie #42 says:

Here’s what Coldplay roadie #42 (I’m thinking Chris) had to say about the Vegas show… gosh I’m so proud. I sang my heart out!


Though everyone is happy to be in town, there is a slight concern pre-show. Vegas crowds can be pretty hard to impress. It’s not like they’re short of options for how to entertain themselves of an evening – and more than that, I think sometimes folks can be just plain over-stimulated. Lets face it, any town that can take in its stride hotels with their own roller coasters, next to pyramids, sphynxes and full-sized pirate ships is going to find a few flashing lights and a pop group pretty uninspiring.

Or are they?

It would appear not! The crowd are utterly bonkers from the off. So much so, that I spend the majority of the evening with one earplug out so I can take in the sound of the crowd. I’m wondering if it’s the loudest Viva La Vida singalong so far, or whether it’s just that I’ve never been listening for it before. My question is answered when the song finishes and the crowd simply carry on singing. They roar the chorus on alone and it’s utterly wonderful. It’s the kind of football chant-style crowd noise that I’ve only really ever heard before in South America or certain parts of Europe and here they are in a “hard to impress town” giving it loads! Inevitably, the enthusiasm of the crowd drives the band on to new heights. I don’t want to spend the whole tour writing “it was a great show” in this journal, but tonight was truly remarkable, it has to be said.

See you in a few days…



Coldplay was…….

Infriggincredible. Unflippinbelievable. Ubertalented.

Best concert of my life. Yep. Better than MC Hammer back in ’91. Yep. Better. I was here:

Actually we were just a bit lower than where this video was shot. It was so amazing. They are really cool..they left the stage at one point to go up to the nosebleed section…just to be closer to the folks there, and sing a few songs. Those people were crapping their pants. Here are some of them….this is so great.

What… I am just a true fan. Happy Anniversary Mark! Love you and thank you for making this happen!

5 Things I Hate About Vegas

Here are the 5 big things I hate about Vegas and my solutions/adaptations to said hater things.

1. Cigarette smoke is everywhere!
2. People throw their money away when it could be used to save lives.
3. Every 5 feet is someone trying to give you a flier to go to their gross girlie show.
4. It was hotter than Hades.
5. Lines! Lines! Lines!

So here’s what I did:

#1– I wore a plastic shower cap over my freshly washed hair (sponge to cigarette smoke), topped it with an ugly black hat I bought out of desperation due to #4, and walked past all the smokers with a sneer on my face. I’m from Washington, you can’t smoke in public here.
#2– I prayed to Jesus that if I won big on the slots that I would only do good with my money.. like quit my job and adopt children from war torn countries, I’d fund our local pool, and then get a kitchen remodel so that people do not have to witness the ghastly conditions of my cabinets, oh and wood floors throughout, and oh… a new VW, a biodiesel, cuz that’s good for the viroment.
$30 later, I gave up…and sneered at the gamblers.
#3– I told all of the sorry souls that were trying to get me to go to their chi chi clubs, “No thank you, and Jesus loves you.” Yep.. I did for real. Embarrassed the stuff out of my bro-in laws that were walking with us. My husband was not surprised at my behavior.
#4– I coated my fair freckled skin with my 30 spf as we sat poolside. 30 spf… my skin was frying. I bought 50 spf and a black hat..quite ugly, but also the best available at the poolside get what you need/forgot booth. It was expensive too. And ugly. But it kept the heat off some. We weren’t out there long, Mark burned the bottom off his feet on the concrete. Made it up to our room and I was RED. Turns out it wasn’t burn.. just overheated. Love Washington weather.
#5– Lines… nothing I could do. Had to wait in them for everything everywhere. I bitched, and sneered.

But not to be such a sourpuss… there are some things about the trip to Vegas that I LOVED.
I got to see Coldplay in their Viva la Vida tour. OMG. And I got to climb around in Red Rock Canyon in my ugly hat. I might post pics later.


Ok…so maybe I am just really tired. That’s fine. I’m funny when I’m really tired and I just cracked myself up. I think you will laugh too.

I’m watching the 11:00 local news. Our news guy..well had himself a little tongue twister I guess.

News guy: Two young men had a brush with danger when their car veered off the road and into a Northrest river.

Me: Northrest river? Ruh Ro!

Then of course I laugh myself to tears and my husband only smiles… mostly because I’m a nut, not because he thought it was funny.

The Scoobism just came out of nowhere!

It happened again…

Ok, so it is summertime, fair enough, everyone else in my family gets wicked brown in the sun.  They all have the “asian” thing goin on with the lovely skin tone.  Without trying.  I’m trying…trying to at least get my freckles to touch so it looks like I might be tan….a little.

So…. my kids are darker than me, lots.  ‘Specially the girl.  And it happens.  I take them to VBS at a friends church, and another camp goer’s father stops me and asks, “Is your daughter from another country?”

Me…..blink, blink.  What is he talking about?  Is Ruby not speaking English today or something?  The context sounded so weird, like he could have been a ten year old boy, “Hey…like is your kid from another country or something…yeesh! Snicker snicker snort.”

It was an odd way to put it, I thought.  Then of course, I understand…right… me with the un-tan and red hair shows up with little brown beauty… is she from another country…..got it.

“Yes she is in fact.  My husband and I adopted her from a tiny slovic country called Hersisfromak-Myvaginia.  It borders Youranassistan and Whathafukistan.”

Of course I didn’t say that.  But it would have been brilliant. ‘sept for the fact I was in a church.  And, I’m not that rude in real life.  Only in my blog life.  I can be a real rude mutha here. Scared?

Ok… so I’m gonna go smear my whiteness with some Jergen’s fake tan.  And pinch my little brown children while they sleep. Peace.