I am so friggin excited you have no idea!!!! For our anniversary….Mark and I are flying to Vegas to see Coldplay in concert. Unflippin believable. I can’t wait. We are staying in the MGM for 3 days.. kids will be with my parents. Oh… so lovely.


Do you respect how cool this is? The tickets were a mint, but will be worth the memory for sure. One of the best bands on the planet. I have not yet blogged of my music addiction, but I will this summer as I have time. I just have a few short things to say and I know this blog will bore some of you, but some will know what I’m talking about:

Money on music is likely the best money you’ll ever spend. Can you put a price on joy? On a moment of escape from reality? On lust? On pain? On the what if moments? Music takes you these places…you know how sometimes a certain song gets you…. you know…..

Favorite Coldplay song currently: Swallowed in the sea. I love its “sing along” quality. But we just got Viva la Vida. Listening to it right now. Impressed so far. Know I will love it. You can listen to a Coldplay album full through you know.

Other favs… Clocks, obviously. Kids love it too, with the whole Peter Pan movie from a year or two ago…theme music. Also love … the Scientist. Fix you, Talk. And now… Viva la Vida…what a friggin anthem….totally happy. I’ll prolly just explode into a big joyful mess at the concert.

So grateful to be born desperately tied to music.