Lonely nights…

So… I am sitting here in my chair… tired as heck, but waiting for my hubby to come home after a trip. It’s late. Late enough for……a Time Life special. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity only available through this special offer. The Classic Soft Rock Hits. You know how they say, “well there’s a face for radio.” You know what they mean, right? Fugly people. Have you SEEN these folks from the 70’s. Dang people. They were not so much into image. It is kind of endearing in a way. One guy.. could tuck his hair into his pants…and it is not that his hair is that long, but his pants must come up to his nipples.
Air Supply dudes are selling it. Remember them? “I’m all out of love… I’m so lost without you…” Watching this is dang near better than Saturday Night live. Prolly cuz I’m so tired I’m delirious. It could really be fun to watch with the right people, yeah you know who I’m talking about.
I really recommend that you check this out when you are up late. You will recognize the songs, and be really surprised at the people who sing them. Really.
This is cracking me up. So… the dudes from Air Supply take a stab at acting…oh…music videos in the 70’s-80’s: Although.. it is kind of gross.. the girl looks like she is 12 or something…ewww.


5 thoughts on “Lonely nights…

  1. Dear friend,
    I actually laughed out loud.
    The image of a guy with his hair tucked into his pants is hilarious…and it’s funny cause it’s true. I love the 70’s.
    I love it because people didn’t take themselves too seriously, you know? Love those mismatched plaid polyester suits, and the porn star mustaches, not to mention the music. Ah nostalgia.

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