So… what’s next?

Yo. So, now that I’m getting used to my nose bling.. I am wondering what I should do next? I found some pics of stylish folks with body adornments that I am pondering. Right… some of you are wondering if I got my brain pierced right now. No.. I am only joking.. and mean no disrespect to the following folks plus one cow for their particular taste in…well… nose bling blang. By the way.. if you want to check out a really gorgeous girl with a cute sparkly nose click here.

Now.. Mom and Dad, aren’t you glad I haven’t done this? I like his eyebrows.

or this:

Gosh.. this is pretty:

Finally, this gives new meaning to “sexy beast” don’t you think?

The cow is really cute.


2 thoughts on “So… what’s next?

  1. OH CRAP!!!!!!


    You know how I have this REALLY sensitive gag reflex? Remember? Huh? HUH? Girl you just missed quite the gag-fest over here….


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