Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers, and happy day to all you others. My mother’s day was pretty peachy I’d have to say. Greeted first thing by adoring children with gifts they made at school. Ruby had written a wonderful poem and River presented me with a cute little saying that had his foot and hand print on it. I love this kind of stuff. Funny card from the hubby, and funny card from the kids. We do “funny” pretty well.
After teaching Sunday school, the fam and I went to Sequim to see my mother! She and I were thinking that we would just hook up next weekend. But when I woke up, I knew I wanted to go see my mom today, and off we went. My bro and sis-in-law and their kiddos were there. Mom and Dad just smiled and shook their heads at my nose piercing. I am a little unsure of it now. Not because of them, but because my husband took a picture of me…. and while I generally hate pictures of myself, this one makes me think that maybe the nose bling doesn’t suit me. Tell me what you think. Click for a close up.. it is small.

Anyway.. back to Mother’s Day….. I brought my mom flowers, and wanted to take her out to dinner, but she just wanted to stay in. She said she had all she needed, some of her kids around her (my sis lives in NC, so, uh…not in driving distance). I told her she set her standards pretty low, but to keep her happy, we went to the store, and I bought stuff to make dinner at home instead of going out. It was nice. Tara, my sis-in-law and I prepped the food together. I am glad she was there. She just lost her mother to brain cancer. The services are next weekend. Bittersweet day today for her. I can’t hardly talk write about it.. lump in my throat. Can’t. Sorry.

Oh… so as we were almost back home, the light was so nice that we decided to walk down to the end of the dock. I live in Indianola. Gorgeous place you want to tell everyone about but also want to keep a secret. It was lovely, then we spent a bit of time on the beach. Ruby climbed a tree, with her “bunny.” Here are a few pictures of our piece of heaven called Indianola:
Here’s River and I looking at the crabs and jellyfish.

Here’s Ruby climbing a beautiful tree on the beach

The kids acting lovey for Dad’s camera out on the dock. Rare moment.

So we make it back home, get the kids ready for bed and just after they are settled in, Ruby discovers that “Bunny” is missing. She is hoping she left her in the van, but the look on her face fears that she was left at the beach. Bunny is not in the van. So I grab the flashlight, and the camera… and head back down to the beach. Sure enough, there was Bunny, scared, alone, in the dark. So I bring Ruby’s treasured cuddly back to here, and all is well. Nice way to wrap up Mother’s Day.



4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day!

  1. Girl – precious post! You are such an incredible mom. I look up to your compassionate heart…

    As for the ring, I think you look as darling as can be. D to the arling my friend, and I am not just sayin’ that 🙂

  2. I love your pictures. You are blessed with a precious family. I also love the nose ring. I think it suits your face perfectly. 🙂

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