Dancing with my eyes closed!

You know that phrase…”Dance like no one is watching?” I’m like that, mostly. But these days, if I do venture out to boogie, I am finding I prefer to dance without watching. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with people these days, but there is hardly a soul between 21 and 31 that knows how to dance….to….a….song! Like, listen to the rhythm of the song and move to that! Maybe these folks are just damn deaf and all they are hearing is MBwow Chicka Mbwow bwow. SERIOUSLY! Last night I went dancing with Jennyonthespot and I felt like we were stuck in that bizarre orgy scene in Eyes Wide Shut! If you were brave enough to see that movie, you know what I’m talking about cuz it scars your brain. Last night it was girl on girl, girl backed up to guy, guy girl sandwiches everywhere. Dithguthting behavior. Maybe it was the music. Most of it sounded the same……until Jennyonthespot and I slipped a fiver to the DJ to play some old school. He did and do you know what happened? Some people stopped dry humping each other and DANCED! WITH MOVES! Some stupid people still humped each other cuz they don’t know a thing about the boogie. These people do not belong on the dance floor, they need a freakin hotel room. AAAGGGGHHHHHHHH!


2 thoughts on “Dancing with my eyes closed!

  1. True Dat… there were some pretty poor “dancers”… It didn’t seem to afect me as much, cuzza I just ignored them – excpet a couple of times – then I threw up in my mouth a little – so I just kept not lookig after that. I just watched you – cuzza you’re the bestest dancer!

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