Eye double dare you!

Recently, a work friend and I were given the task of making sure our 7 first aid kits for student trips were all complete. We met at her home, and one by one, emptied the kits, went through a checklist of what was supposed to be there, and made a shopping list for what needs to be replaced. Sound like pretty tedious non-fun stuff eh? Not with this friend. We had wine, cookies, stories, loads of laughter. In the kits, we found some unnecessary supplies that would make great props for our shopping trip. Matching eye patches! Julie accepted the dare, and away we went!

We put them on after the drive to the store, we are silly not stupid. We walked into the local Walmart to get our stuff and tried so hard not to bust up at the stares. Her daughter was with us to help out, thank goodness. We had the giggles bad. We had come up with some good lines if anyone asked us what happened. I was really surprised that despite all the strange looks we were getting, only one person asked and she was prompted to. Of course, we walk up to the pharmacy and ask where the snake bite kits are. We explain that we are “looking all over, but having a difficult time in our condition.” So… she says, ” Yeah, what happened to you guys?” Julie answers, “Well, you know that hail storm we had the other day? We went outside to check it out, looked up, and bruised our eyes.” “oh…..” she says. She doesn’t call us on it. Our other reply was going to be that we were having a water fight and accidentally grabbed the windex.

Now it is actually difficult to go shopping with one eye. It really strains the good eye and the other eye was suffering too. So it was an experiment in disabilities and in human nature. People wouldn’t say anything! I am not sure if they just thought it would be rude, or that they were caught off guard. We were clearly up to mischief. Total weirdies. It felt great to be a prankster, childish and all. I love to mess with people.

Now Julie and I see each other at work, and cover one eye… giggles all over again!


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