Back to Bed

Do you know what I did last night? I went to bed, without brushing my teeth, taking my contacts out, taking my bra off…oh it gets better… didn’t even take MY COAT OFF! Left the pony tail in. I was tizufired people. And on top of that…really, I mean that, on top of that, I put two heavy pillows. So… me with cozy clothes and jacket, under not one, but two down comforters, with two heavy pillows lying on top of the covers, my side of the bed. Who slept like a baby…duh…ME! Isn’t that weird? It’s the whole princess and the pea story, who wants to be the princess when you could be that pea loaded down with all the cozy blankets. I think for this reason alone, I could never live in warm climate where you only had a light blanket or sheet over you. That would just be crap. Crazulfap. It’s about bed time now.. I’m going to see if Mark will help me move the book case on the bed so I can sleep REALLY good tonight.



One thought on “Back to Bed

  1. Duzulfude!!! Not even your CONTACTS! Crazulfazy! Loozulfook – I’m tazulfalking like yozulfu. Yeah, I know it’s all jazulfacked uzulfup. But, hey that’s mezulfe. Heh.


    Nighty nite prizulfincess. Kiss the book case for me.


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