Pop culture gone horribly wrong……in Engrish

So peeps, one of my dear friends (aka Dazilfave) who gets my sense of humor and somewhat shaped it, forwarded this to me in an email. Sit down first please, no…go empty your bladder, come back and sit down to watch this. Great for your abs. I tried to embed it but it is jacked up so click here to see it.

Now we have all been victims of getting the words wrong in a song. Definitely kids do, with hilarious results. Here’s an example of Jenny’s kids running amuck with song lyrics. But when non-English speaking folks take a crack at a classic and wind up with world wide web fame…oh the laughter is just too much to bear. Now this gal, has gotten so much press over her performance, and is such a good sport, she has improved her version of “Ken Lee.” Kind of breaks your heart and makes you proud in a way. So again, the video is jacked up, so click here for the new improved version:

Ok… good for her. Now I apologize for laughing at people trying to speak/sing English. We should all be grateful to have grown up with it, because it is a tough language to learn. I also apologize, sort of, for exceeding my quota of youtube videos in one blog, but this really relates. It’s the tech call to the out sourced tech person. You know what I’m talking about, we have all been there. Talking to someone named “Roger” somewhere else, where you desperately just want answers and find yourself now struggling to understand the person that you forget you problem in the first place. I would like to point out in these folks defense, as we all giggle, that they are all smarter than us. Not only do they speak Engrish, but they speak tech, a language of its own. So there. And here:



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