What people?!?! That’s how you say ‘tag’ in zulf. So I’m playing tag with my friend Jenny, she is running for president representing the Dance Party. I’m her VP, so if you wanna make the world a groovier place I suggest you get on this soul train!

Back to tag. According to Jenny, I need to tell you all 7 interesting or not so interesting things about myself.

Here goes:

1. I speak some Japanese, some Norwegian, more Spanish, and almost have fluent in English ;-), totally fluent in Zulf.

2. I wish I drove a silver VW Golf TDI. But I don’t. I drive a silver VW eurovan (sweet) and sometimes a crappy teal honda.

3. I fall down a lot. Fell down yesterday, in the mud…in front of class full of kids, wearing my clogs.

4. I LOVE to go fly fishing. Tie my own flies. Look really hot in Gortex waders, fish want me.

5. My toenails are currently bright metallic blue, as are my daughters.

6. I make really great music mixes, although I confess I am really behind in getting the latest done. Maybe sometime I will post my playlists and make the world a better place. Music junkie.

7. Last and final thing about me. When I was a little girl I had a pony named Nugget. Ahhhh… isn’t that just sweet? She looked kinda like this:

So that’s all….except to tell you that I’m a really good dancer, but you prolly gathered that with my being Jenny’s running mate for the Dance Party.



2 thoughts on “Tazulfag!

  1. I totally knew all of that! Except the one about the pony. And the toenails. Wait, you make music mixes? Nevermind, we’re still tight like that.

  2. Yo! Prez of the Dance Party here! You make me proud – reeeeel proud.

    Oh Leese… I am so sorry I wasn’t there to laugh at you when you fell in the mud in your clogs… so sorry…

    And as far as fish go… the DO think you’re hot… I was just talking to Goldy and he CANNOT stop dreaming of you in them waders. He. Has. Got. It BAAAD!

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