My 20 year high school reunion is next year. My age is no secret now. Actually, I was a bit of a child prodigy and gradutated at 10 years old, so that makes me…..oh…fingers and toes….29ish. Why does a prodigy need to count on fingers and toes you might ask? She doesn’t. I ain’t one. I lied. I’m thirty-friggin-seven.

So my old HS tracks me down (not hard, small town, parents still live there), to tell me they received notice from the Feds that the “Class of 89” has some funds unclaimed that they are going to help themselves to unless someone speaks up for it. Over $100. Why me? Dunno. I was involved in planning the 10 year, but I was not class president, or any class officer. But I figure, considering my relationship with the federal government (rocky at best), they were not taking this money, from children no less! We created the account when we were high school seniors..prolly selling baked goods and washin cars. THEY CAN’T HAVE IT!

I call, they say they will send me some papers (no kidding right, their specialty…papers!) to fill out, and put the money in a new “Class of 89” account. OK…..then what? I could use it toward the 20 year, but do I want to plan that? People have certainly disappeared in 20 years right? I go to classmates.com to confirm the fact that it will be too much work to find everyone again. There’s like, 40 people from my class registered there. Hmmmmm……these people want to see each other, I’m thinking. To clarify, that is 40 out of a class of 118. More than I expected. Sigh….. you see, I’m the “doer.” The volunteer. I have this complex that if I don’t do it, no one else will. And this has been true in most things in my life. There are more people of opinions and good intentions than those of action out there. I’m action, all the way. Sometimes without intention or opinion, not always a good thing, my plate overfloweth. What are you?

Oh.. and I love to throw a party. I could do an 80’s party! Like the birthday that was the 20th anniversary of my 16th birthday! Oh… and maybe we could get the Retros! They are the premier 80’s cover band on the West coast: www.theretros.com

I just want to hire the Retros and have an excuse to do the “Molly Ringwald” all night long. You KNOW that music in the 80’s was the best. You could actually dance to it. Now days… this stuff… it’s all booty shakin, grinding…gross. Lusty dancing. Not complete JOY over hearing the Talking Heads, or OMD, or…..or…..Corey Hart! So, you can’t really dance to Corey Hart… but gosh he was cute. My obsession in HS… and into college a bit, ashamed to say. I digress……

I guess, I GUESS, sigh, that I will see if anyone is remotely interested in getting together next year, and go from there.


One thought on “OH…MAH…GAH!!! 20 YEARS!

  1. Dude. Get The Retros. I’ll help you, and then…. then… can I go? I’ll behave and pretend I’m your personal assistant, and all them people will think you’re some kinda “Shizzle” and I’ll be all, “Yo, Ain’t Lisa the shiz-nit!” And I’ll carry hairspray and lipstick to make sure you be frontin’ all. night. long.


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