Famous Familial Resemblances

As you might have read in my previous post, I used to have a thing for Corey Hart. I grew out of that and found a strange new attraction to…. David Duchovny. LOVE the X-Files. YOU….DON’T…..EVEN….KNOW…… So, in one episode of the X-Files, David, um, excuse me, Fox Mulder is walking down a dark street….head down….black jacket on, he looks up briefly and it hits me like a brick to the forehead….David…Corey…David…. Corey! They look related! I compared on line… and I am not the only one who thinks so! This is so gratifying. You judge:

Ok… is that the most hilarious picture of David Duchovny? Oh.. oh… tears. He’s still hot. And if you google “Corey Hart and David Duchovny” you will find other people see the resemblances.

Here’s another one, and I mean no disrespect to the late Heath Ledger… it’s just something I noticed. He could be the love child of Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees. What do you think?

Ok…I’m done for now… let me know if you know of any other fun famous folks to compare! I’m going to giggle myself to sleep now…David Duchovny…what the hell are you doing in that photo?!?!?


3 thoughts on “Famous Familial Resemblances

  1. I dunno – how about ME – hello! M.E.

    I TOTALLY look like Angelina Jolie. TOTALLY. The lips… the hair… the slender-slender-slender frame. I also look like Cindy Crawford, Pink, Gwen Stefani and… Reese Witherspoon. Yeah.

    Speaking of HOT – you – your header – your eyes… Like hot coals burning my soul… in a “burning my soul” good way.

  2. OK… here’s one.
    Brad Pitt and Robert Redford (yum), could be Father and son. So delicious.
    Love the new blog, friend!!!

  3. Danger! Recent polls indicate that the focus of the Dance Party is shifting from “generally hilarious” to “nauseously girly”. How bout some Man topics? Where is the swimsuit issue? Where are the “tasteful nudes” we were promised during your campaign?

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