Stuff that cracks me up……

We all need to have things to crack up over. There are the usual things that suit my sense of humor:

Other people falling down.

Comments that aren’t intended to sound naughty but do. (aka That’s what she said)

River speak.


Hilarious commercials.

And this:

I came across this show when my kiddos were little. It is for toddlers and is on CBC (all good things come from Canada). It is one of those shows that, while it is for kids, there is plenty of grown up humor to keep you sitting there with your kids. Little green kid Mona, hangs with her Nana and Nana’s dog Russel, while her mom is off at work. Mr. Wooka is the neighbor man who puts on the puppet show. I just don’t know how to explain the humor in it. For me, it just kills me folks. Kills me. The people are brilliant.

Now, River is ALWAYS cracking me up. Tonight was no different. The kids were getting ready for bed and River uses the phase between clothes and PJ’s (naked) to practice up on his armpit farts. It is like swimming, or riding a bike, there is a moment when it just clicks, or farts if you will. He realizes that he has got it, and can do it over and over, unfailing. “Momma! Listen! Listen!” BBLLLLTTT! BBLLLLTTT! He is so proud of himself that in between farts he does a little proud boogie in his birthday suit.

I’m rolling on the floor.


2 thoughts on “Stuff that cracks me up……

  1. While I should be commenting on your stellar humor… I should let you know I am commenting with 2 pints of beer flowing through my blood streamsdjkbk. We all know what that does to me… so.

    Can I just say it totally rocks that every time I comment that friggin’ HOT picture of me comes up on your sidebar. Man. I bet all kinds of men come to your blog just to look at my picture. You are so lucky. Not the “men” part, but the “picture of me” part. So lucky.

  2. I dig the new look, the new header pic… it’s like you’re looking right at me, challenging, flirting, or saying, “you have something in your teeth.”

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