Eye double dare you!

Recently, a work friend and I were given the task of making sure our 7 first aid kits for student trips were all complete. We met at her home, and one by one, emptied the kits, went through a checklist of what was supposed to be there, and made a shopping list for what needs to be replaced. Sound like pretty tedious non-fun stuff eh? Not with this friend. We had wine, cookies, stories, loads of laughter. In the kits, we found some unnecessary supplies that would make great props for our shopping trip. Matching eye patches! Julie accepted the dare, and away we went!

We put them on after the drive to the store, we are silly not stupid. We walked into the local Walmart to get our stuff and tried so hard not to bust up at the stares. Her daughter was with us to help out, thank goodness. We had the giggles bad. We had come up with some good lines if anyone asked us what happened. I was really surprised that despite all the strange looks we were getting, only one person asked and she was prompted to. Of course, we walk up to the pharmacy and ask where the snake bite kits are. We explain that we are “looking all over, but having a difficult time in our condition.” So… she says, ” Yeah, what happened to you guys?” Julie answers, “Well, you know that hail storm we had the other day? We went outside to check it out, looked up, and bruised our eyes.” “oh…..” she says. She doesn’t call us on it. Our other reply was going to be that we were having a water fight and accidentally grabbed the windex.

Now it is actually difficult to go shopping with one eye. It really strains the good eye and the other eye was suffering too. So it was an experiment in disabilities and in human nature. People wouldn’t say anything! I am not sure if they just thought it would be rude, or that they were caught off guard. We were clearly up to mischief. Total weirdies. It felt great to be a prankster, childish and all. I love to mess with people.

Now Julie and I see each other at work, and cover one eye… giggles all over again!


Back to Bed

Do you know what I did last night? I went to bed, without brushing my teeth, taking my contacts out, taking my bra off…oh it gets better… didn’t even take MY COAT OFF! Left the pony tail in. I was tizufired people. And on top of that…really, I mean that, on top of that, I put two heavy pillows. So… me with cozy clothes and jacket, under not one, but two down comforters, with two heavy pillows lying on top of the covers, my side of the bed. Who slept like a baby…duh…ME! Isn’t that weird? It’s the whole princess and the pea story, who wants to be the princess when you could be that pea loaded down with all the cozy blankets. I think for this reason alone, I could never live in warm climate where you only had a light blanket or sheet over you. That would just be crap. Crazulfap. It’s about bed time now.. I’m going to see if Mark will help me move the book case on the bed so I can sleep REALLY good tonight.


Pop culture gone horribly wrong……in Engrish

So peeps, one of my dear friends (aka Dazilfave) who gets my sense of humor and somewhat shaped it, forwarded this to me in an email. Sit down first please, no…go empty your bladder, come back and sit down to watch this. Great for your abs. I tried to embed it but it is jacked up so click here to see it.

Now we have all been victims of getting the words wrong in a song. Definitely kids do, with hilarious results. Here’s an example of Jenny’s kids running amuck with song lyrics. But when non-English speaking folks take a crack at a classic and wind up with world wide web fame…oh the laughter is just too much to bear. Now this gal, has gotten so much press over her performance, and is such a good sport, she has improved her version of “Ken Lee.” Kind of breaks your heart and makes you proud in a way. So again, the video is jacked up, so click here for the new improved version:

Ok… good for her. Now I apologize for laughing at people trying to speak/sing English. We should all be grateful to have grown up with it, because it is a tough language to learn. I also apologize, sort of, for exceeding my quota of youtube videos in one blog, but this really relates. It’s the tech call to the out sourced tech person. You know what I’m talking about, we have all been there. Talking to someone named “Roger” somewhere else, where you desperately just want answers and find yourself now struggling to understand the person that you forget you problem in the first place. I would like to point out in these folks defense, as we all giggle, that they are all smarter than us. Not only do they speak Engrish, but they speak tech, a language of its own. So there. And here:



What people?!?! That’s how you say ‘tag’ in zulf. So I’m playing tag with my friend Jenny, she is running for president representing the Dance Party. I’m her VP, so if you wanna make the world a groovier place I suggest you get on this soul train!

Back to tag. According to Jenny, I need to tell you all 7 interesting or not so interesting things about myself.

Here goes:

1. I speak some Japanese, some Norwegian, more Spanish, and almost have fluent in English ;-), totally fluent in Zulf.

2. I wish I drove a silver VW Golf TDI. But I don’t. I drive a silver VW eurovan (sweet) and sometimes a crappy teal honda.

3. I fall down a lot. Fell down yesterday, in the mud…in front of class full of kids, wearing my clogs.

4. I LOVE to go fly fishing. Tie my own flies. Look really hot in Gortex waders, fish want me.

5. My toenails are currently bright metallic blue, as are my daughters.

6. I make really great music mixes, although I confess I am really behind in getting the latest done. Maybe sometime I will post my playlists and make the world a better place. Music junkie.

7. Last and final thing about me. When I was a little girl I had a pony named Nugget. Ahhhh… isn’t that just sweet? She looked kinda like this:

So that’s all….except to tell you that I’m a really good dancer, but you prolly gathered that with my being Jenny’s running mate for the Dance Party.


Famous Familial Resemblances

As you might have read in my previous post, I used to have a thing for Corey Hart. I grew out of that and found a strange new attraction to…. David Duchovny. LOVE the X-Files. YOU….DON’T…..EVEN….KNOW…… So, in one episode of the X-Files, David, um, excuse me, Fox Mulder is walking down a dark street….head down….black jacket on, he looks up briefly and it hits me like a brick to the forehead….David…Corey…David…. Corey! They look related! I compared on line… and I am not the only one who thinks so! This is so gratifying. You judge:

Ok… is that the most hilarious picture of David Duchovny? Oh.. oh… tears. He’s still hot. And if you google “Corey Hart and David Duchovny” you will find other people see the resemblances.

Here’s another one, and I mean no disrespect to the late Heath Ledger… it’s just something I noticed. He could be the love child of Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees. What do you think?

Ok…I’m done for now… let me know if you know of any other fun famous folks to compare! I’m going to giggle myself to sleep now…David Duchovny…what the hell are you doing in that photo?!?!?


My 20 year high school reunion is next year. My age is no secret now. Actually, I was a bit of a child prodigy and gradutated at 10 years old, so that makes me…..oh…fingers and toes….29ish. Why does a prodigy need to count on fingers and toes you might ask? She doesn’t. I ain’t one. I lied. I’m thirty-friggin-seven.

So my old HS tracks me down (not hard, small town, parents still live there), to tell me they received notice from the Feds that the “Class of 89” has some funds unclaimed that they are going to help themselves to unless someone speaks up for it. Over $100. Why me? Dunno. I was involved in planning the 10 year, but I was not class president, or any class officer. But I figure, considering my relationship with the federal government (rocky at best), they were not taking this money, from children no less! We created the account when we were high school seniors..prolly selling baked goods and washin cars. THEY CAN’T HAVE IT!

I call, they say they will send me some papers (no kidding right, their specialty…papers!) to fill out, and put the money in a new “Class of 89” account. OK…..then what? I could use it toward the 20 year, but do I want to plan that? People have certainly disappeared in 20 years right? I go to classmates.com to confirm the fact that it will be too much work to find everyone again. There’s like, 40 people from my class registered there. Hmmmmm……these people want to see each other, I’m thinking. To clarify, that is 40 out of a class of 118. More than I expected. Sigh….. you see, I’m the “doer.” The volunteer. I have this complex that if I don’t do it, no one else will. And this has been true in most things in my life. There are more people of opinions and good intentions than those of action out there. I’m action, all the way. Sometimes without intention or opinion, not always a good thing, my plate overfloweth. What are you?

Oh.. and I love to throw a party. I could do an 80’s party! Like the birthday that was the 20th anniversary of my 16th birthday! Oh… and maybe we could get the Retros! They are the premier 80’s cover band on the West coast: www.theretros.com

I just want to hire the Retros and have an excuse to do the “Molly Ringwald” all night long. You KNOW that music in the 80’s was the best. You could actually dance to it. Now days… this stuff… it’s all booty shakin, grinding…gross. Lusty dancing. Not complete JOY over hearing the Talking Heads, or OMD, or…..or…..Corey Hart! So, you can’t really dance to Corey Hart… but gosh he was cute. My obsession in HS… and into college a bit, ashamed to say. I digress……

I guess, I GUESS, sigh, that I will see if anyone is remotely interested in getting together next year, and go from there.