Lowering my standards….

What a day! I have been horribly let down by the standards of young people I encounter, including my own young people.

Now, I will generally not write about work, it is not blog appropriate. But what happened today has taught me a lesson. Some kids at school today, well, abused their off campus privilege. I was upset that they would do this, they are all the sweetest girls. Great students. I was in a spot between them and their parents. It hangs on my heart all day, worrying about where they were for an hour, having to tell their parents, their not respecting our rules. I was disappointed and hurt.

Later, my kids and one extra are being driven to swimming by my hubby. Now who knows who started it all, but the kids conversation went in the gutter. P-O-T-T-Y talk. References to peeing and private parts. If I was drivin’ I’d been listenin’ and been stoppin’ THIS car! I don’t tolerate potty talk at all and my kids know it. So, out of guilt, Ruby gives me the full report of who said what and that she hardly said anything (right…) I was ticked. Shamed both children and encouraged them to not contribute or listen to conversation unbecoming of well behaved children.

Later still, River reports that a kid in his class is “gonna take him down” out at recess. And already has a few times. When I hear who, my jaw drops. The one kid I hoped he would become friends with. I know I’m a snob for saying this, but there are many kids from unstable homes with uninvolved parents in River’s class. This kid that was picking on him is from a really nice family! The other kids are looking better now. River hasn’t made any good friends this year and he weeps for his old preschool best friend Logan.  So do I.

So… I can’t win today. So, I think I need to lower my standards. I’m too uptight. I expect perfection and I’m just not getting it. I need to go lower.

The girls: let it go. They are good girls, this rite of passage was bigger than being late to class.

The potty talk: let it go. This is what kids this age do. Part of discovery I guess. I will still frown on it an hold my own children to a high but not quite so high standard.

Kindergarten bullying: Not letting it go. Sending my hubby to “volunteer” during recess tomorrow and deal with the trouble maker.

Sorry this was not a funny blog. Do any other moms feel like this? Do you feel like your standards are in constant conflict with the world your children live in? How do you not lose your mind?


One thought on “Lowering my standards….

  1. My friend… I am so sorry. I wish I had something of substance to comment… Just know I love you and hate that you were put in that spot at school. I will go to check out River’s recess situation – just say the word…

    To answer your question – kinda going through the same quandry here – feeling too guarded, yet not enough… this whole meeting new people thing can really cause some issues…

    Dinner tomorrow? I hope…

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