Not myself…..

Tell me if this has ever happened to you: To momentarily escape from the monotany and predictability of your life you…maybe….daydream during a song, while driving?

Here’s me the other day: driving home, have so many things to think about that I revolt and decide to, well, not think of any of them and become “not myself.”

“Not myself ” is who I would maybe be had I not chosen the path of marriage, family, job, and home ownership. “Not myself” is in THIS moment, a cute folk singer, who has an incredible voice that just wows everyone who hears it. And she is so passionate, and well, she can hold a note for a really long time. Patty Griffin. Singing “Chief.”

The ipod is cranked, and in my head (not out loud) I am belting out:

I wish you could see me when I’m flying in my dreams, the way I laugh there way up high, the way I look when I fly. The way I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiivvvve. The way I flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy(mom?)yyyyyyyyyyyyy(maaooom?)yyyyyyyyyy(MOM!)yyyy..

me-“WAAAAAHAAAAATTTTT?!?!?!? WHAT COULD BE SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU HAVE TO KILL MY FOLK SINGER MOMENT…THAT I WAS HAVIN! Dog gonnit! Clearly my kids were not aware that is was NOT their mother driving the van.

Or rather that I got flushed back into reality like a terd taken out by a high powered industrial toilet.

Dammit. Here’s Patty, aka “Not myself”:



3 thoughts on “Not myself…..

  1. Hey, in my book, you’re a Rockstar AND a turd. I know you have a guitar – pick it up and start rockin’ out girl! You can do it! When your MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIND’S maaade uuup! Tell me there’s not a bit of Irish busker in you.

  2. C’mon, you talented beauty! Why DONT you belt it out loud!? Quit dreamin’ and start doin’!
    Besides, it’s healthy for the kids to hear mom bein’ loud, livin’ large!
    They’re still too young to announce, “Stop! You’re hurting me!”

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