Today I got nothin for you. No-thing. Zero. Can’t think of anything witty to say. Or profound.

Except that maybe I could tell you that I love my kids and my son cracks me up. We got caught up in a cheesy movie on Disney tonight… basically some kid hits puberty and turns into a merman. Normally kids would grow hair.. this one got scales. What cracks me up about River is that as he is watching a glistening, sparkling, underwater moment, he extends his arms out sweetly into an arch, mimicking the mermaid mommy on the tv. He forgets that there is anyone else in the room. Until, I snicker. Then he spins around and thunks me on the arm and says in his most threatening 6 year old voice, “Don’t tell anyone!” Whoops. I just told….uh….EVERYONE! But he is just so cute! I love to see them get pulled into the “feel good” of these movies that would make one, not in the presence of small children, want to barf. I mean really, the predictability, the Cheese for Pete’s sake! But they are not for us, these movies are for kids. Mine are dreaming of mermaids right now I’m sure.

Oh… and Oh…mah…golly goodness! I had to have the birds and bees conversation with my daughter last night! She is 7. I will blog on that later. I am still reeling from having to “go there.”

I guess that was not zero after all. It was 254 words to be exact.

Peace (255)


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