Yes those ARE my children!

Me: white girl, red hair, freckles, everyone thinks I’m Irish, which I’m not but I work it on St. Patrick’s Day anyway.

Husband: Very goo rooking Asian man. He’s Korean, but grew up in the midwest, so he is a twinkie, yellow on the outside, white in the middle.

Our offspring: Mostly Asian….mostly.

Of course I pondered what our children would look like, made my little Punnet squares with our dominant and recessive genes (biology major here). But when Ruby was born, wow, what a shocker. She looked just like Mark, minus the gotee and the man goods. Then, 19 months later River arrives. Mark actually said in the delivery room, “Wow, he’s a white baby!” And he was too, fair skin, light hair, round eyes.

Our kids are stinkin’ beautiful. Really. Now that they are older, River looks like he could be a mixture of something, but Ruby… no. She could pass for 100% Korean. I could look at them all day long. They are yummy.

No one thought they were my children when they saw them with just me. People have said, and I am not joking here:

“When did you get them?” me- on their birthdays!

“Where are they from?” me- my uterus! Yes, I really said this to her.

“Are they biological siblings?” me-duh!?!!? Like they were reunited somehow!

“Would you like information on the Korean adoptees association?” me- sure, I’ll give it to my HUSBAND!!!!

Now, I am not insulted, but amused by these sort of comments. Around here there are so many children adopted from China that it is not unusual to see a white mom with Asian kids. I guess it is so common that more people assume that is my story rather than my marrying an Asian man.

So… here is the WORST encounter I’ve had. Now, remember that I said River looked mostly white when he was born, right? I’m in the doctors office, with him and he is just over a month old. We are there for a normal check up. A woman walks in and sits next to me. She coos over my cute kid. Then she says, ” Now that is what I don’t like to see, (pointing to a couple across the waiting room), salt and pepper mixed together.” Black man, white woman, with twins in little carseats… rocking their babies back and forth as cute as could be. This was just after MLK day, mind you. My face got hot, my stomach churned, and I mustered the nerve to tell her that I completely disagreed with her, and what’s more, the cute little one in my arms she was cooing over was biracial as well! Humpf! She went on to tell me she didn’t mind the ‘orientals.’ Oh….. and that she just felt sorry for what the kids would endure. I told her old ass that the world doesn’t work that way anymore. She got called back for her appt, and the woman across from me promptly handed me a tissue box. I bawled. I was so caught of guard. I should have been braver, I have always felt like I let MLK down that day.

Stupid, stubborn, ignorant people suck.


4 thoughts on “Yes those ARE my children!

  1. Wow. What would you have done if you had been braver? It sounds like you said just the right thing. I’d have hit her, but MLK would call that counterproductive.

  2. Everyone knows that those 0.5-orientals are the best-looking kids ever. That’s why they don’t get as much flak from racists: we’re – I mean THEY’re – just so pretty. and everyone loves a twinkie. PS, we don’t say “biracial” anymore, we say “half-nips”.

  3. Hilarious post. Awesome that you told off that woman! I don’t know if I woulda had the courage. Of course, being one of them “orientals”, probably no one would say that stuff to my face.

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