Devil car.

We bought a used Honda last fall. I’m a VW girl. I think you were all made aware of that in my introduction. Hubby wanted the honda. It hates me. I hate it. It was pimped out with a super loud muffler. It even had a sticker on the back that said, “muff motion.” Yeah.. that’s appropriate for me to drive to work…. I work at a SCHOOL!!!! The sticker is gone, replaced with apple sticker. VW drivers usually use macs. We are cool like that.

The car and I have a mutual hatred. Mark says I gotta drive it to work, less wear and tear on the VW van. I whine. I stomp. I give in and drive it to work. I can’t even listen to my ipod in it. The belkin thing works crappy… ugh.. whine, whine, whine. I have to run an errand while I’m at the post office. Now… the car was nearly out of gas when I was encouraged to drive it that morning. To me, this is like not replacing the roll of toilet paper when there are only a couple of sheets left. Driving in to work.. the gas light comes on. Mid day, I run my errand, and stop to fill up the car before returning to work. No starty. Cranking….. nothing. The ignition went out. Bad news… it will have to be towed and fixed ($$$$). Good news.. I won’t have to drive it for a while.

It’s fixed. I drive it, reluctantly to a friend’s house. Fun Jenny ( We are going to laugh hard and shop. When we are done, we hop in, and……no starty. Car flippin hates me. I call Mark, he makes a suggestion… with the battery, and viola! It starts. I safely get Jenny home and then myself. I am SOOOOOO driving the van tomorrow!


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