So today was a usual, non-stop busy day. Work…kids to swimming..home for a quick bite and then off to the meeting of the week. This time it is an awards assembly for “Outstanding educators and volunteers.” I am not a recipient, I’m a presenter. And I am running late. You think about the phrase, “running late” and equate it to rushing and not being on time. I was actually RUNNING. And I was late. I arrive at 6:35 to a 6:30 start to the assembly. As I approach the doors and large windows to the auditorium, I can see many of my friends from other schools… and my peeps from my kid’s school. There’s Jen! And Chuck! Lisa and Percy, oh! There’s Kim, my award recipient, there’s our principal, Joe, and there…..there….. there is the cement. The cold hard cement. I am carrying flowers, in a vase no less. I know what matters and sacrifice my knees and left elbow…only spilling most of the water. I am humiliated. The crowd of 100 or more people…just 20 feet away. I pull myself from the bizarre gravity sink hole just this side of the auditorium doors and HUGE windows. I go inside…no one comes to my aid… no one even LOOKS at me. I glance back at the windows in disbelief…..Did they not see how I saved those flowers from certain distruction? Did they not see my squenched face and the harsh contact with concrete my left side just had. Ahhhh…. they didn’t! They can only see their own reflections! I decide that, since no one saw me fall, it didn’t really happen. ‘Cept for that huge hole in my tights. I am relieved that these people I have to get up in front of and speak to, have no idea of my absolute lack of grace.

Golden Acorn – A Golden Acorn Award is presented, by a local PTA unit or council, to a volunteer in recognition of his/her dedication and service to children and youth. Since the beginning of this program, more than 44,000 Golden Acorns have been presented to volunteers throughout Washington State. A contribution in the name of the recipient(s) is made by the honoring PTA to the Washington State PTA Financial Grant Program. From these contributions, WSPTA is able to provide grants to freshman students entering post-secondary education.

I am PTA President. It sort of happened by circumstances… beyond my control. Last year I was VP. That worked just fine. It actually worked super, because we had two “Co-Presidents” which really makes the VP ultra insignificant. I could handle that. Then a rift happened between the Co’s, one left. End of the year, the other one left. No one stepped up, so by default, I am now kicking and screaming, but President non the less. I just started a full time job folks. I am struggling to find time for my own kids, not to mention OTHER people’s kids. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kid’s school… it is incredible. I love other people’s kids and was so involved last year. I miss the staff and am often torn with whether I should have taken a job, at a different school, or continued volunteering at my kid’s school. I love those people.

And that brings me to Kim, my Golden Acorn. She was a Co last year, and left….. I almost bailed with her… we was havin issues with somone, aka “other co.” But I stayed on. Power struggles in Elementary school PTA’s are some serious shit folks. So… Kim is now the VP to my lack of P. She does everything. Me… nutin’ no time. She really does do so much. Do you realize, that at most schools it is just a handful of dedicated moms that make the fun stuff happen for your kids?!?!? It is a lot of work and they get sucked dry by the time their kid is in the 5th grade. But not Kim… she keeps on going. So… with my skinned knee, I stood up there in front of 100 PTA’ers and Educators, and rattled off all her fabulous gifts. Then I said..”I love you Kim!” and planted one on her cheek. Applause… and not just the men. Its funny… I was so nervous about what to say.. and feeling insecure because… I don’t know, because I fell down a while earlier. But when I got up there and realized the moment was really about Kim… well, my blubbering did me well.

I’m gonna go dab some Neosporin on my knee now… and throw away my tights. Good night!


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