Chillin wit my hommies in the OC

Word. That’s right. Last weekend I was chillin in the OC with some of my homies. Hommies? Is it two m’s or one? I don’t feel cool anymore. Let’s be real, I am just a white girl from the Northwest. I was hanging out with friends. And the OC is the Oregon Coast, not Orange County. Non offense to my reader in that part of the country. I have 4 readers. (me smiling).

For the last forever of my life with Mark, we have gone to the Oregon Coast over President’s Day weekend. The trips went like this:

Mark, Lisa, Leica (dog-puppy) camping in tent.

Mark, Lisa, Leica, camping in 83 Westy.

Mark, Lisa, Leica, Ruby in 83 Westy with a stroller.

Mark, Lisa, Leica, Ruby & River in a cottage a block from the beach, with a double stroller and a pack and play, and half of our house back home. Oh..and we are joined by friends who are adding kids to the mix, gradually and their array of kid paraphernalia.

Now, 11 years later, it is Mark, Lisa, Leica, Ruby & River with friends and their two kids, with only the basics, in a ocean front house, drinking Mai Tai’s . We know how to upgrade.

It was a beautiful and relaxing weekend. Sunny. I grew some more freckles. I still have sand in my hair. River cried when we had to leave, bless him. Leica… our almost 12 year old lab/retriever mix was so happy. She is still so spry. I won’t go to the ocean with out her. It is her happy place. And besides… she would know and I can not handle the guilt that dog dishes out. We will go back next year… if we can wait that long.




One thought on “Chillin wit my hommies in the OC

  1. I’m glad you finally posted some pics… because people were beginning to suspect that you were an eye-flapping leg dragger who fell over a lot. I’m not saying I was one of those people.

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