How do they DO that?

Kids……hmpf! I got the brilliant idea that I would watch a movie with my kids in the back of our van on a long drive home. Got the laptop set up…. surround sound, curtains pulled. We have a sweet van… VW Eurovan weekender. Anywho…. not FIVE minutes into the movie, I am ready to hurl. Total car sickness. True. I can’t even look at pictures in a magazine while in a moving vehicle anymore. What happened? And how come my kids are fine? Totally fine, through a 2 hour movie! WHY?!?!?!

My equilibrium is junk these days. I mean… I’ve always had balance issues, blamed it on my one short leg (dumb thang is just enough shorter than the other one to skim the ground and take me out). But car sickness? And boats….. the galley of a little sailboat is certain doom for me. Doesn’t happen on planes….well…maybe a little.

So why now? Post children. It is probably a post children side affect. Isn’t EVERYTHING? It wouldn’t have anything to do with my problamatic encounters with alcohol in college. Prolly not. Does seem very similar…..(flashback) but lets tack this one on the kids.

You guys are going to think I’m a hyzulfipochozulfondriac. I’m not.


2 thoughts on “How do they DO that?

  1. Strange isn’t it? I started getting carsick when I was about 20, pre-children though. Out of nowhere, what is up with that? I have to take Dramamine whenever I am in the car for long periods of time, unless I am driving. Works great!

  2. Vestibular reflex.

    Years ago had a similar sick-y experience when trying to swing and kick my feet in the air (a la “Aerosmith”). Whaaa…? Where’s my ability to be youthfully exuberant? STOP THE RIDE! Vestibular reflex—that inner ear magic telling us exactly where we are in relation to the ground— atrophies w/ age or non-use. Good news? We can get it back. Sommersaults, standing on head, spinning….maybe we should take up break dancing.

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