Wow… so last night, I’m sitting on the couch reading a pirate story to my boy…and my eye starts wiggin out. I was not trying to get all ‘piratey’ for the story either. Argghh… blimey eyesights goin again….scratchin me eyebrow with me hook you know. Seriously now, out of character, my eye was FAREAKING OUT! Left one… flashing… like I could see a ceiling fan just in the peripheral…then that overwhelming feeling of stupidity (see ‘illin’) takes over. It starts to all feel so familiar……………….

Last spring the same thing happened. I was minding my own bidness…talking to a friend while our boys tore up her nice house, and then my vision started freakin out. Being the optimist that I am, I was certain I was having a stroke, or a brain tumor, or one of those other things… an angio…angina….ANURISM! In a panic, I drive my kids to another friends, progressively going blind, call my husband, call the doctor….. call loved ones for that “I don’t know what is happening but I love you” call (my apologies if you did not get the call, I love you though). I love to keep my peeps as freaked out as I am.

In to the eye doctor…(this is what my MD recommended). He takes me to a room and I begin to describe what is happening. He is sitting there, seriously saying, “Go on! Go on! Then what happened? Beautiful! Beautiful! And then?…yes, yes….” meanwhile his feet are bouncing up and down and he is on the edge of his seat with anticipation. You would think I was about to pop out a golden egg with the way this doc was so excited. My word! I have never seen this guy before, the other doc in the office is my doc, my friend and on his day off. This guy… this incredibly enthusiastic doc overjoyed by my odd condition was well…. I can’t find words, but at least I realized I wasn’t going to die.

“What you are experiencing is an Opthalmic migraine! You probably are feeling pretty funky right now, little like being drunk?(me nodding, I am familiar with drunk) Next you will probably want to go lay down for a few hours, and you might throw up a few times, but I assure you, you will be fine.” http://www.allaboutvision.com/conditions/ocular-migraine.htm

So last night, I knew what was coming. Kissed the kids goodnight and went to bed myself. Unfortunately it was not gone in the morning. Sure I could see, but you wouldn’t think so by watching me! My balance was junk so I could hardly walk..here comes that nausea… and back to bed. No worky today. Illin’ for sure this time. The other day must have just been a prelude to this crap. Called my boss, she didn’t sound surprised that I wound up like this. I’ve been putting in a lot of hours lately. Stay home she says. I did. Valentine’s day. I got up around 10:30, hung out with hubby, had lunch at our little neighborhood store, with other Valentine couples. I even, late in the afternoon after the eye/head freak session had fully passed, made it to my kid’s school for their Valentine’s day parties.

Not a bad day after all, eh?


5 thoughts on “M’eye’graine

  1. You are a natural at this, my friend.
    If I can’t see you all of the time, at least I can read about you!
    Keep those funny Lisa-isms coming!

  2. Okay…now that’s the best “I couldn’t come to school today because…” line I’ve heard in a long time! I know you’ve been puttin’ in the hours, but perhaps the eye-freak could have been triggered by the pirate story. Yarrg! Where be me patch, me beauty? Glad you’re okay.


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