Roll Bounce…not!

Way back in the second grade, I went to a roller rink for some kid’s birthday party 30 years ago (do the math folks…I’m ‘up there’). It was my first time, and my last time until last Saturday night. See…back 30 years ago I scrambled around like someone had strapped roman candles to my feet. No control…at all. My friends are cruisin around… listening to “Hot Blooded” by Foreigner (thank God we didn’t know what the song was about!) I was scared and awkward, and could not stop my crazy feet. Neither could a rather large woman. I plowed into her, made her fall, made her mad, embarrassed both of us, and I never went back. Childhood trauma.

But now, old things are new again. My son and I join friends for a Mommy/ son date at the local roller rink. He picked it up, no prob. I did not. I finally had to NOT hold hands with him… I was a hazard. The mommy hazard. He had such a good time, and I see now that I will be going again. As hard as it is for me, he loved it, and was so proud of himself. For that I will endure my childhood trauma over and over again.

Great movie of roller skaters with mad skills, Jenny this is for you:



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