Today I didn’t feel good. Kind of foggy headed, little weak, but it was not crippling, so I went to work…lots to do today. Now, when some folks are ill, they might show symptoms of pale skin, fever, sore throat, and have the sense to stay home. Not me thank you very much. I get a bad case of the ‘stupids.’ I’m sitting there, at my desk, looking at my computer…..with no idea what I was just about to do. Or even what I HAVE to do. Dumb look on my face says it all. Folks walk by, “Wow, Lisa, are you not feeling well?” My response, “………..uh……….mmmm……nah, not really, why?” My mind was going a mile an hour. I thought… I’ll just get through this one big job, and go home. Boss agrees, but the task takes me all day. Why? Cuz stupid is as stupid does.


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