A word about energy…

And the word is ….contagious!  Have you noticed that when you are with someone who is deliriously silly… you can help but giggle too?  Or, worse, someone around you is crabby and it infects everything around them?  That was today.  I swear that windy day blew in some nastiness from somewhere.  Some of my peeps were beyond crabby today.  Their “energy” even jacked up my computer, and printer!  It was like a science fiction movie.  I needed some emotional echinacea today.  Some folks can let the negativity roll off of them.  I’m a sponge.  It sucks to be a sponge.  I like to make puns.  Get it, suck & sponge?

So how do you all deal with crabbiness at home?  I’ve heard of people burning sage to ward off evil spirits.  I quote South Park…Mr. Hanky to be exact.  “Stop fightin’ everybody!”  Well… I need to deal with some crabby children…


3 thoughts on “A word about energy…

  1. Do you have a garage? When our girls were small I found that sticking them O-U-T worked wonders for my mood. When they could be calm and human, they were welcome to return to life inside. We don’t actually have a garage; we stuck them out in the rain. Works fast! Just make sure they’re little enough not to know how to call CPS.

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