Leaping before looking

Mkay… first timer here. Little scared. But too impatient to read all the “how to” and special effects available to me in my new world of blogerdom. So… inspired by the most amazing and hilarious (as she says: H to the ilarious) jennyonthespot.com, I am going for it.

My life in a nutshell: Happily married to a very cute man and we have 2 stinkin cute kids and a dog… and a house in the most perfect spot on the planet. Back in the workforce after 7+ years of doing the stay at home mom show. Working for a school…so as to still attempt to do the mom thing as best as I can. Thought I could hack it.. but it is a struggle. Save that story for another day. You are just getting to know me so I don’t want to lay out the heavy stuff yet.

So….I will tell you about today, Super Bowl Sunday. I am just a social nut. Love to be with my peeps. Today we joined friends for a small Super Bowl party. It occured to me today that I don’t actually speak football. It was like being in a foriegn country where you know a little of the conversational stuff, “Where’s the bathroom? I like beer. Thank you.” Details? Forget it. I might as well have been trying to lip-read a Russian film with no subtitles… oh and I don’t speak Russian either. Thank God (and the American public’s obsession with consumerism) for commercials. There were brief moments of laughter with friends..where I was not confused. That talking baby was great, great.

So…a funny thing happened while we there. My son River, 6 years old, comes to me with a horrified look on his face, tears and fear in his eyes. There is an injury here, and it involves some shame. So we steal away to a corner in which he tells me that he “accidentally” bit a stick and now his tooth was loose. It’s the first loose tooth for him, it is time, the accidental stick chewing just brought on the awareness that his mouth feels different. Remember how weird it felt, and scary, that you were going to loose a tooth? I quickly turned his fear into excitement as I told him that the tooth fairy just started a chart for him, with the date and tooth number documented…she would be following his progress closely. Tears gone… 6 year old boy smiling, wiggling that tiny little tooth.

I’m spent. Probably wrote too much for a first timer. I’ll get better.


2 thoughts on “Leaping before looking

  1. Look at me! Look at me! I am spinning around like a kid in a Downy commercial! This is So! Stinkin’! Beautiful! True love…. true love….

    What a fozulabulfous start! Did I do that ozul thing right???…

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